Mark 48


5 body shots, 4 head shots

Magazine Size

100-round belt-fed detachable box magazine (dark green)


7.62 x 51mm NATO

Effective Range


Rate of Fire

3.3 seconds



Firing Modes

Semi-automatic, Automatic

Reload Time

Slow (around 4 seconds)


Unbearably Loud

Gun Rarity

Very rare

Ammo Rarity

Very rare

Spawn Locations

Any military loot spawn


Barrel: No

Under barrel: Yes

Sights: Yes


The Mk-48 is an LMG found in Apocalypse Rising.


The Mark 48 was developed in 2001 by Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing (FN Hershel) , Inc. The development was required to replace the aging M60E4/Mk 43 Mod 0. It is used within NATO military powers and has seen combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It is currently supplemented by the M249 squad automatic weapon and the M240 medium machine gun.


The Mark 48 is considered a powerful firearm in Apocalypse Rising thanks to its firepower and rate of fire. The weapon's very rare, including its ammunition. The weapon uses 7.62x51 mm NATO rounds that are held in a 100 round belt-fed detachable box magazines. The Mark 48 is gas operated, air cooled, and fully automatic. The model includes a bipod, however this is only for looks and does not affect the weapon's performance. Attachments such as optical sights, drum magazines, and foregrips can be added on the weapon. Unfortunately, the weapon has a high amount of recoil, meaning players will often miss their target if firing the weapon on full auto mode, so short bursts are recommended. Barrel length is 502 mm, giving it a large appearance.


  • Even though the M249 is the better known LMG, the Mk-48 was added first, in the Amend Map.
  • When the player character holds it, it seems that they should drop it, seeing as all of the weight is in the front (thanks to the short arms).
  • Statistically, it is slightly better than the M249 .
  • Both the M249 & MK.48 are made by FN Hershel.


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