Mark 17 Battle Rifle

Mark 17 Battle Rifle

4 Body Shots, 3 Head Shots

Magazine Size 20 (standard), 30 (extended), 50 (drum)

7.62 x 51mm NATO

Effective Range




Firing Modes

Automatic, Semi-Auto, Burst

Reload Time

2.2 seconds



Gun Rarity

Extremely Rare

Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Barricades, military places.


Barrel: Yes

Underbarrel: Yes

Sights: Yes


The Mk-17 (Mark 17) Battle Rifle is a selective-fire battle rifle that is found in Apocalypse Rising. It is also the 7.62 variant of the 5.56x45mm SCAR-L.


The Mk-17 Battle Rifle (FN SCAR/SCAR-H) was designed by FN Herstal in 2004 to compete in the Individual Carbine competition which aimed to find a replacement for the M4 Carbine. The weapon is used widely within the US Special Operation Command and has seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Mk-17 Battle Rifle is a selective fire modular rifle. It is often compared with the M14 rifle, as they are both long range weapons chambered in the same bullet. It is often said to be the best weapon in the game, however statistically the FAL battle rifle is better. The Mk-17 is gas operated (short stroke gas piston) with a rotating bolt. The weapon fires 7.62x51 mm NATO rounds held in 20 round magazines, 30 rounds in extended magazines, and 50 rounds in drum magazines. The rifle is very rare in the game along with its ammunition. Bandits tend to have a preference on the weapon instead of other modular rifles since it performs very well within all distances and situations. Maximum effective range of the Mk-17 reaches numbers of 800 m (870 yd), and recoil levels, along with muzzle climb are moderate and any user will find it comfortable. Attachments are available for the Mk-17, including optical sights, under barrel, and barrel modifications. Barrel length measures 500 mm, giving the rifle a long, appealing look. Guaranteed, this weapon will sure suit any player in the game, thanks to its aspects. This is an overall good gun, with only a few downsides.


  • It has a fire rate of 625 rpm, which is alright, but it is beaten by other battle rifles.
  • People used to believe this was the best battle rifle.

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