Personal Mine

This article is about the explosive. For the location, see Old Mine.

Tank mine

Mines are explosive charges, rounded in shape, that explode upon contact with a specified solid. In Apocalypse Rising, there are two types of mines:

  • TM-46 Anti-Tank Mine
  • VS-50 Anti-Personnel Mine

These mines can be placed anywhere, even in buildings and other structures. Each mine has a different purpose, as explained below. These were supposed to be part of the "secret update" Gusmanak had planned. But it seems like that secret didn't get to be secret, now did it? Both of these are extremely useful in protecting bases and roads leading to bases or "hot-spots".

Ironically enough, they actually spawn in the Old Mine.

TM-46 Anti-Tank Mine

The TM-46 Anti-Tank Mine is a large mine that explodes upon vehicular contact. They explode upon contact with any vehicular object, such as Jeeps, Hummers, Urals, or even Motorbikes. They cannot detect whether you are in a "group" with a person, so tread carefully when using vehicles around friendly-placed mines. They have a grayish-white base, similar in color to the normal roads and interstate high-ways. The top is a tad-bit more reflective and will "shine". These mines are especially hard  to see at night, so keep on your Ps and Qs. The size is due to the usage for tanks and vehicles. Not personnel. Also known as "AT Mines" or "AV Mines".

(Vehicles will not explode in contact, if the engine is green and you have armor apply to the vehicle it will break the armor and make everything Orange and Red.)

VS-50 Anti-Personnel Mine

The VS-50 Anti-Personnel Mine, or "AP Mine", is a small mine that is supposed to explode upon contact with a figure rather than a vehicle. However, for some reason they actually detonate when a survivor is very close. These mines are rather smarter than your TM-46 because they can detect your team affiliation. If you are in the group of the mine-placer, that mine will not explode when you come in contact with it. These mines are much smaller in size compared to the TM-46. This is due to them being made to fit in buildings and are for personnel. They are gray in color, similar to that of the road. However, on top is a stone gray raised circle-shaped pressure plate. So they are easier to spot than a TM-46. When stepped on by a Player or Zombie, It will make a distinct "tick" and then explode.

(If a player has full health, there's a chance that he does not die it will lit him in red health)

Other Information

These mines can be deployed using the option drop-down menu in your inventory. They only take one space. They can be exploded by being shot but not by being run over by a weapon, tool, or other item that can be picked up by an Entrencher. Feel free to add any pictures of them you might have!


  •  If you are at full health and under the effects of painkillers, you can just barely survive a landmine explosion.
  • If you shoot a mine it will explode if the bullet hits it. If you do stand near, you will get hurt, but not fatally.
  • There is a chance of survival if you step on an anti-personal mine at high health

Mine Strategies

(1. Placing anti-personal mines in towers (Prison Towers, Deer/Wilderness posts, Military Outspost Towers etc.) will likely have a victim. (2. Placing an Anti-tank mine in large cities (Kin, Hark, Vernal) at a corner will likely have a victim. (3. Add a lure, put a military weapon near the mine and a a player might go for the weapon. Watch this from a distance. If they don't die, plant bullets in them.

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