Millitary Tents are small structures in Apocalypse Rising. They are assumed to be previously owned by the military as some sort of outpost. They are usually accompanied by two or more barricades. In it, military-grade ammo, food and drink spawn frequently, while military weapons spawn infrequently. It is not recommended to base in one.


There are two kinds of tents, a normal one and one with a red plus on it. Military weapons are known to spawn in regular tents, along with everything else that can spawn, except civilian-grade ammo and weapons. The other kind normally has supplies (food, drinks, bloodbags, painkillers;) and sometimes ammo and attachments. You are vulnerable inside these tents, as someone could shoot you through the "window" while you are looting. Though they may not always have something in them, it pays to check. Military Tents and Military Barricades are the first places most players should loot when in cities/towns.

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