The Military Outpost was a new location on the Kin Reimagined map. It has low-medium Military loot spawn rate, like the name of the location would suggest.


It is very similar to the Prison in design, having walls and lookout towers, but is bigger and consists on low-medium military grade loot. This is a hotspot to every survivor, making it a very unsafe place to be. It is recommended to stay inside the buildings and hide from sight. Would not recommend coming here in search of good military gear. The large green or tan buildings usually spawn civilian weapons and ammo, as well as vehicle parts, as do the warehouses. The barracks (small tan buildings) usually tend to spawn ammo and mid-low grade military weapons. Similarly to the Trinity HQ and the Prison, the towers usually spawn food and have the highest chance of spawning mid-high grade military weapons.


Because of the low spawn rate for zombies, bandits and survivors tend to come here. After the new update, people have been coming here to see what it is like. It is not recommended for a new spawn to come here, unless armed and ready for a fight.


If you look at some of the crates in the Military outpost, it shows the logo for the Trinity Corporation.

  • It is possible that Trinity is creating something, like a cure, but there is little information.
  • Strangely, there are no messages of Patient Zero or any survivors. These possibly will come in future updates, or may even remain abandoned.
  • This does raise the question of what Trinity Corp. did before the virus. They have many products with the military, so it's unknown how close Trinity was to them.

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