The Military Flashlight is a rare flashlight. It is the third and final tier of flashlights, the other two being Survival Flashlight and the Old Flashlight, respectively. As such, it is the most powerful flashlight in the game. 


The Military Flashlight is identical to other flashlights, but it has a dark green case color. In the dark it will appear exactly identical to the Survival Flashlight, but examining the item with your mouse will show what it is. A yellow bulb protrudes form the front of it, appearing yellow regardless of whether the flashlight is on or not.


  • It is the rarest flashlight in the game, only spawning in military zones.
  • It creates the largest cone of light in the game, being visible through most buildings. This makes users an easy target for bandits.
  • Like most light sources, zombies will be attracted to it when it is used. Be very careful!

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