The Military Airfied is a location on the Kin Reborn map. It was added in the 6/21/15 update.

If you want to see the full update post, click here

The military airfield is west of Vernal and it has three hangars, two military tents, and an air traffic control tower.

The airfield, as its name suggests, spawns military-grade loot and is a big hotspot for small and large groups of new spawns and bandits.

Firefights often happen here ranging from bandit groups attacking each other or a large base raid. If you're looking for some battles or kills, this is definitely a place to go.

It's not necessarily a good idea basing here unless you like lots of player activity and frequent base raids to happen. Not only that but basing here and suffering lots of raids can also lead to supplies for the base on low and even so when you're going to have to go on supply runs it's going to be tough as the team will have to defend the base with less firepower and the people on the supply run will have to be careful not to die. If you're going to base here, have a large group with you at least so it's easier to manage.

Cars commonly Spawn here.

This place its not a good locatin for a fresh spawner, because lots of player go to this place. So, its common to see this place without people, but its not a good idea go to the airfield without a good loot.


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