Note: Merchants are not an official class in Apocalypse Rising.

Merchants are a type of player in Apocalypse Rising. These are the rarest kind of player next to medics, and are usually neutral (but there are cases of them denying service to certain kinds of players). Merchants will usually go to a town, fortify it, and advertise their store in the chat. However, it is unwise to kill a merchant, as they will most likely refuse to give you service again, and smart merchants will hire guards that will prevent such theft. Also, it is ill-advised to use an entrencher to take apart the merchants doors, as the merchant or his guard will be waiting for you on the other side. If you do break into the merchants store. if the merchant talks to you respond back or else the merchant will think you are in group chat to talk about raiding his/her store then the merchant will kill you. you will find a huge bounty of loot depending on how long the merchant has been in business. Just because they started don't just skip the store, help them and you might get a reward.

Tips for Being a Merchant

  1. When you pick a place to make a store, Vernal is an ideal place due to the spawn rates of weapons, food/water, and medical supplies. Kin is the worst canidate for making a store, not only because of the zombies, but customers. Most people there will be bandits, and will not hesitate to shoot you or your customers.
  2. When getting a guard, only hire someone who you are actual friends with, as many other people will backstab you to get at your loot.(Optional)
  3. Never pass anything up. When you are looting your local city, do not pass anything up because it is common or weak. You can still sell these things (especially ammo), just for a cheaper price, which is what many people want.
  4. When you are choosing a building to make your store, a two door warehouse is ideal. Two doors is better than one because you can park a car in there and sell that for A LOT. Also, fortify the building across from your warehouse so your guard can hide in it and shoot any "unfriendly" customers.
  5. Stay in one place. Dont leave your city for better loot, because thats just plain stupid. If you follow rule one, then you won't need to leave for better loot.
  6. Also, while you shoulden't do this as any other player type, make a light for people to see your store. It will bring people to your place very quickly.
  7. Always provide service to someone who belongs to a group. If you don't, they may take offence and attack your store with their friends.
  8. Make sure you understand the value of an item. For example, 1 military backpack for a good military gun set, good trade. Painkillers and a blood bag for a revolver, bad trade.
  9. Make a rule that if someone shoots a peaceful customer, you will deny them service. (Optional)
  10. don't always expect merchandise is easy in apocalypse rising, many people may not help you or cooperate if, if someone doesn't respond to you in 10 seconds quickly pull out your gun to kill them if you don't they might get to you first
  11. if you plan on selling a car, you would want to get a better car because if you were selling a Ural or Humvee you would get a good deal from someone, the better its repaired the better deal you get.

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