NOTE: merchants are not a real class in AR

About: telling other people to start a merchandise ( This is only for merchants only, anyone who dislikes or does not know what this is about please search up the other Merchant page ) if you have players you know, talk about when to start a merchandise in AR so talk on the comments to your friends and buddies when to make a store in AR. Have fun!

Tips for players who see merchandises

  1. If you see a merchandise/store you are extremely lucky and talk on global that you are entering the store first, if you enter without asking you'll most likely be dead before you get in by his/her guards
  2. always give good deals to a merchant, if merchant argues quickly stop and say the deals off because the merchant can signal his/her guards to kill you
  3. dont steal, guards will check crates if anything is stolen and will kill you
  4. always help a merchant, if the merchant is making a store help them gather supplies you will most likely get a reward
  5. if you are in global ask the merchant to invite you to his/her group so you can help the merchant
  6. dont try to destroy someones store thats like asking for death


Tips for merchants who are making a store/merchandise

  1. always use a entrencher to block windows
  2. use crates to store items, and don't put random stuff put them in order EX: ammo crate, gun crate, medic crate
  3. light up the place and try making a sign that says "store" or "shop" on the front of your building
  4. get guards, guards can defend you from bandits or anyone who tries to steal your stuff, also get guards you know in real life so they don't backstab you
  5. wear bright clothing so that means you are friendly
  6. have fun making deals and helping others!

if you want more tips go to the other merchant page


  • only chat on comments
  • do not say anything offensive
  • tell your friends/guards when you are going to start making a store (aka merchandise)
  • if you want to edit on this page it is ok unless it has nothing to do with this
  • have fun and start your merchandise! :D



  • TheMafiaPlays (dalek72)
  • MasterSabertoothpanda (Roblox Main, Sabertoothpanda.) (Merchant Account, TheFracturedPea)
  • Raddude114
  • Clark
  • BluM00n

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