Note: Medics are not an official class in Apocalypse Rising.

Medics are a type of player in Apocalypse Rising. They often help other survivors by giving them not just medical supplies, as the name implies, but also ammunition, food, weapons and other items other survivors require. They are similar to neutrals in that they typically do not attack other survivors unprovoked and also merchants because they give other survivors loot. However, unlike merchants, medics are not static. They move around the map to get aid to other survivors instead of staying at a fortified base and inviting others. Medics are very frequently killed by the survivors they attempt to help, so it is important to not be attached to your avatar. A good medic will usually only use civilian weapons to avoid the rage that accompanies dying with good loot.

Medic tactics

  • At least one medic makes a dozen or more alt accounts to replenish the main's loadout after it is killed. This can be achieved by putting your main at a designated, obscure point (for example, at the top of an apartment building in Kin) in an unpopulated server, logging into an alt, joining the server with said alt (who is already at that designated point, and has been there for a few days or weeks), storing your gear, then logging your main in, and picking up the gear stored by your alt.
  • Don't kill, and when dying, be graceful, as you just helped the person who killed you.


  • Any decent medic doesn't rage his head off or ragequit when they get killed. This is due to the fact that they mostly carry civilian loot instead of military loot.
  • Medics are somewhat the same as the friendly bandit class as they both give supplies to other people.

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