Mason is a small medium-sized town on the east side of the map in Apocalypse Rising. It is located down the road from the Prison and South of VernalInside Mason there is a two story brown building, a clinic, two military tents, a gas station, and a church. It is a hotspot for people and is the one of the more dangerous small towns in the map due to being a short distance from the Radio Tower, Vernal, and Prison. It has okay loot, but it is not recommended to make a base inside the town. It also has a lot of food and drink that spawn. The eastern side of the town contains some garages and warehouses where industrial items can be found. Military weapons only spawn at the barricades and the tent, since the town has no police station or fire station. Overall, the town is a good spot to stock up on civilian items. Creating a base in Mason is not advisable due to the many dangerous areas nearby which causes high traffic in the area. Helicopter crash sites have been found around in the area.



  • A mason is someone who works with stone.
  • Mason is the same distance away from the Radio Tower as it is from Vernal.

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