Masks are a wearable item found in Apocalypse Rising that were added along with hats in the Hat Update. Masks are a wearable item that goes on the face and around the head (so things like bandanas and eyewear still count) for thier counterparts. See the Hats page. You may also spawn with a mask using credits.

Civilian masks

Firefighters Mask

Black Bandanna

Eye Patch

Phantom mask

Black Shades

Grey Shades

Military Masks

Special Forces mask            

Bandit masks

Skull Bandanna

Mime Mask (Not technically a bandit mask, but it does look creepy.)

Red Bandanna (Note, technically should be considered civilian, but due to its prior feature as a sign of banditry, people tend to take it as that.)

MERC mask

Phantom mask

Renegade Bandana

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