M249 Light Machine Gun

6 bodyshots, 5 headshots

Magazine Size

100-round belt-fed detachable box magazine (light green)


5.56 x 45mm

Effective Range


Rate of Fire

3.4 seconds



Firing Modes


Reload Time

2 seconds



Gun Rarity

Extremely Rare

Ammo Rarity

Very Rare

Spawn Locations

Helicopter crash sites, military tents, military buildings,  etc.


Barrel: Yes

Underbarrel: No

Sights: Yes


The M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is a LMG (Light Machine Gun) and is one of the rarest obtainable weapons in Apocalypse Rising. This weapon uses 5.56 x 45mm rounds, same as those of the M4A1 and its fellow NATO-affiliated assault rifles, but it uses 100 round belts stored in small boxes, similar to the MK-48, although the ammo boxes that work with the M249 are light green while those of its larger-caliber brethren are dark green.

Weapon Usefulness

Its accuracy, damage from the 5.56mm rounds, large clip size, and high rate of fire makes it one of the best weapons in Apocalypse Rising to have. However, while the recoil is all right, hip-fire can be essential for staying on target if spraying. Like the MK-48, this weapon should be treated like a semi-automatic at longer ranges due to it not having a burst mode. It's actually quite surprising for a gun like this, and the gun itself is quite versatile, although silencers can't be mounted on it.

With the sight of your preference, and a laser attachment or a grip, aggressive players and bandits will think twice about attempting foolish actions. More likely, they'll backstab you(or try to). Properly prepared, a user of an M249 could probably take on a small group of players with slightly weaker weapons and live.

It should be important to note that the ammo is nearly as rare as the weapon. It can be found in military tents, police stations, military barricades, helicopter crash sites, and fire stations, and any other military spawn areas.

In Real Life

Used by the US armed forces as the US infantry's standard infantry, the M249 is actually a variation of the Belgian FN Minimi LMG. The weapon, as you can see, has a bipod at the front, and in military service, an M192 tripod would be available for better stability while firing. Unfortunately, similar to the Federov assault rifle built-in foregrip, the M249's bipod seems to have no effect on accuracy or recoil; as expected, the bipod is aesthetic. It replaced the M60 medium machine gun, and has been in official service since 1984, to the present. It's also been in every major conflict involving the US since the invasion of Panama in 1989. Sources: Wikipedia


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