M1 Garand


6 body shots, 5 head shots

Magazine Size

8 rounds


.30-06 Springfield

Effective Range




Firing Modes


Reload Time




Gun Rarity


Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Civilian, industrial.


Barrel: No

Underbarrel: No

Sights: No


The M1 Garand is a civilian semi-automatic rifle in Apocalypse Rising. This gun used to be common during versions 3.00 - 4.00 but Gusmanak changed its rarity making it uncommon as a civilian weapon. In version 1.0.0, The icon for the M1 would appear to be pink instead of brown. This is referenced in 4.0.0+ saying "No Longer Comes In Pink."

Weapon Usefulness

Though considered a civilian weapon, it is very versatile, able to be used as a sniper rifle with its long range and semi-automatic capabilities, with the ability to outclass certain military weapons at such distances. With a high rate of fire(up to 300 RPM), it can hold up to an automatic at shorter ranges if the player is skilled enough, but the magazine will be emptied quickly. Ammo is pretty common. Each magazine holds 8 rounds and the gun itself is quite loud. Sadly, like with its counterpart, the SKS rifle, it is a problem that cannot be fixed because attachments can't be equipped. The .30 caliber Springfield rounds are powerful, killing in 5-6 shots. It can be hard to distinguish from the bolt action rifles, so always check to see if this is the weapon you're searching for (or a primary in general). The iron sights of the M1 Garand closely resemble those of the Lee Enfield, and the similarities between the two guns make it the Garand a perfect substitute for the Enfield. Due to the small size of each magazine, stealth and surprise is necessary to kill a better-equipped player. The "ping" noise of the M1 produced when reloading is distinctive, loud, and can help blow your cover if you can't immediately run from a hostile group. Also, the SKS rifle is arguably slightly better than the M1, with two more rounds per magazine and otherwise identical statistics. It also doesn't make a "ping" upon reloading like the M1 does. At CQC, both weapons are seriously outclassed by the PPSh-41. Still, the M1 is a great find for a recently spawned player.

In Real Life

In WWII and the Korean War, it was in service as the standard American rifleman's weapon, but is a civilian one in the game. It was the standard infantry rifle of the U.S from 1936-1957, and had numerous different manufacturers. It was eventually completely phased out in 1965 by the M14 rifle, which was essentially a heavily-modified version of the M1.


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