M1014 Shotgun


2 Headshots, 3 Bodyshots

Magazine Size 8

12-gauge slugs/Buckshot

Effective Range


Rate of Fire

Slow (User Dependant)



Firing Modes


Reload Time

4 seconds


Very Loud


Very Rare

Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Military Spawns


Barrel: No

Underbarrel: Yes

Sights: Yes


The M1014 Tactical Shotgun (also known as the Benelli M4 Super 90) is a semi-automatic cousin of the M870 shotgun. It spawns mainly in military areas and barricades. The M1014 uses same rounds as the M870 and has the same range and damage. Each magazine contains 8 12-gauge shells and takes in Sights and Underbarrels.

This gun can kill a player pretty quick, as it has the strongest weapon caliber in-game. The Reload time is quite sluggish for a gun, and it is a bit too loud, as it can attract zombies near and far. The range will surprise you. While not amazing, it's unexpected from a shotgun. The distance the statue in Union Square to a rooftop is the farthest you would want to try and shoot with it. All weapons in Apocalypse Rising have no bullet drop, no damage decreasion over range, and no bullet spread. However, this gun can take out both players and zombies easily, as long the job isn't too hard. This gun is excellent at killing off a horde of zombies, and as the ammo isn't really Mk 17 rare, you could be firing off zombie heads without running out of ammo. This also the case with players.

You could take on bandits with this gun, as it is a formidable CQC Weapon. The M1014 will make waste of players, as it only takes 2-3 shots to kill them. The M1014 is great as is, but some attachments like the Laser Sight and the Holographic Sight can make it quite a killing machine. However, you may not need the zoom from sights like the ACOG and SUSAT, because it's a close quarters weapon and it is not advisable to snipe with this weapon as it's not exactly a G36K or an Mk 17. In close range it could overpower almost any opponent (due to its high rate of fire and massive damage.) Overall, it is a pretty useful starter weapon.


  • In real life, the M1014 is used by SWAT officers, as well as being the standard-issue shotgun of the US army.
  • In real life, this is one of the few shotguns that can switch between pump-action firing and semiautomatic.
  • Along with the M870 and double-barreled (all of which are 12-gauge), it is the closest to an instant kill gun, requiring 2 headshots and 3 bodyshots compared to, say, the Makarov, which requires 6 headshots and 8 bodyshots, or the Enfield, which kills in 3 headshots and 4 bodyshots

Weapon Demonstration

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