The Lee-Enfield is a long range bolt-action rifle with a magazine size of ten .303 rounds. It has an all wood design, with a metal bolt and sights. Despite being a civilian rifle, it has incredible range and is also very powerful. It is not recommended to use the Lee-Enfield in CQC due to it having a slow rate of fire.


The Enfield can be found at any civilian loot spawn, i.e. houses. Its ammo can be found everywhere. They are found much more commonly in places with lots of houses.


The Lee-Enfield is a very powerful, long ranged civilian rifle. However, due to it being bolt action, it does not always fire fast enough when you need it to. The SKS or the M1 Garand are not quite as accurate, but perform much better at close range, being semi-automatic.  This weapon also has a larger magazine than the Mosin-Nagant (Mosin has 5 while Enfield has 10.) The gun has iron sights which are very accurate and can effectively snipe people with military-grade weapons.


  • The Enfield bullet has the second highest damage in the game, second only to 12 gauge shotgun rounds.
  • The Lee-Enfield has a glitch where the gun may become completely silenced, though it is still unsure whether it is just client-side or if it affects the whole server. Zombies are still attracted, even if the glitch silences the weapon.
  • The fastest a person would be able to chamber, aim, and fire a 10 round magazine in real life would be 20 seconds. However, in the game it takes 7 seconds, presumably because it would be boring, and make the gun useless, if it took 20 whole seconds to reload.
  • The Lee-Enfield is the only British gun in the game.