Kin Reborn is the latest map of Apocalypse Rising. It is four times the size of Kin Reimagined. This map is recommended for new or peaceful players as other players are a bit more friendly and less likely to shoot on sight. This map was released on Tuesday, March 3, however it was immediately taken down and replaced with the Kin Reimagined map due to some bugs. It was re-released on March the 19th after its bugs were fixed and its final touches were completed. It is similar to Kin Reimagined and has the same cities, while also having many more mountains and trees, as well as some cities being rearranged, and a lot more scattered buildings in between. It is much bigger yet actually has reduced lag compared to the Reimagined map due to a "Revolutionary" chunk system ZolarKeth came up with.

Update Info

Since the second attempt to put this map, they removed all the known glitches, the loot spawn changed and it had mixed emotion comments in the commentary section. The update has reduced lag, and the map is truly massive and beautiful. You can do a variety of new things in the Reborn map that were not available in Reimagined, such as open and close doors. The interact tool was removed, and replaced with a feature where all a player must do now is click items with nothing equipped to interact. Also, many new types of buildings were added, such as barns and silos. And all buildings can be entered and have loot.


  • Gusmanak and Zolarketh had been hiding the new map until only a few days before its release.
  • It was released alongside the other updates they made to the entire Apocalypse Rising system.
  • The new map is massively expanded, having uneven terrain, more trees, and overall redesigned and even brand new structures!
  • During a Twitch showcase, ZolarKeth explained the map won't hold an audience of 50 players as was first assumed, but will instead only hold 30. This is still a massive improvement over the Reimagined player count of 16.
  • The map holds 30 players per server, 14 more players than the previous map.
  • The game now has a new intro.
  • Heli crashes and C4 destroying buildings was re-added after previously being removed.
  • Since the map is massive, it (sometimes) makes players think twice about killing on sight.
  • You now have two times less of a chance of seeing a player because of it's massive size.
  • A new 'combat logging' GUI to feature if the player is in combat or not. Even after combat, it takes one minute to cool down.
  • The new map has filtering enabled so that hacking into the game was much harder to achieve.

Original Release

The original update was plagued with glitches, ranging from other players being naked to flopping around the menu. The loot spawn rate was left the same, and since every building is enterable and the map is 4x as large, it made even Makarov ammo rare. Also, guns would have strange glitches, and sometimes it would take ages for it to register that you damaged another player.

Original Release Trivia

  • The cinematic intro was temporarily removed, since a new one was needed.
  • In the first 20 minutes after its release, the game gained about 600 players, doubling the amount it had.
  • Heli Crash Sites and C4 destroying buildings were temporarily removed for unknown reasons.
  • The new map has filtering enabled so that hacking into the game was much harder to achieve.

Re-release Trivia

  • Many unique and historical buildings have been upgraded such as the Radio Station, Abandoned Mine shaft (which is huge as), Prison, Mansion and Factory. And a new building was added aka Power Plant.
  • Kin, Hark and Vernal were expanded with more buildings but lesser military grade spawn points. Many 'farm' settlements and houses were added around road points, more than 20% more than Kin reimagined.
  • Heli Crashes were re-added, but C4 destruction wasn't enabled until release.
  • Guns, ammo, loot and food can NOT be either moved using an entrencher due to the anchored system to all loot.
  • Loot spawns can be visible in some civilian buildings.
  • A new map planning item was added, but is more 'old' fashioned without labeling service buildings like Police Station and Hospital.
  • Military loot can now spawn in civilian buildings.
  • Between updates, walkspeed when walking up hills and mountains wasn't reduced.