Hospitals are buildings in Apocalypse Rising. Their purposes are to serve as one of the few reliable sources of medical equipment such as blood bags and painkillers but they also spawn quite a few food and drinks.  A hospital is one of the few spawn places for the ever-so-rare Dr. Pepper, the others being the Military Tent and Clinic. Its size and easily destructible windows makes it nearly impossible to properly fortify. However, it can be made into a great item farm.

In Kin there is a Hospital with lots of writing on the walls, quotes from the Original Apocalypse Rising (v1.0.0 - 4.7.4.) to the second map.

There are large hospitals in Vernal and Kin, and clinics are found in towns like Mason, Dirk, and Kin.


  • If Patient Zero attacks you and you survive, you will be teleported to Kin's hospital with 1% health left, where there are plenty of blood bags.
  • It is likely that Dr. Pepper was chosen to be a rare drink that can be mainly found at the Hospital because it has the word "Dr." in it. This is, however, unconfirmed.
  • Kin is the only location with both a Clinic and a Hospital.
  • If there isn't anything inside, but there's loot outside in houses, it's possible for someone to take all the medical equipment and leave, and he/she can get rid of it as well (same as clinic)