The Holographic Sight (Holo for short) is a rare optical attachment used to enhance aiming while using ADS. The Holo sight magnifies 2x, unlike the other sights, besides the 4x Susat & ACOG sight. 


It has a circle reticule with a dot in the middle. The holographic sight is useful for all ranges, and in all firing modes. It is generally agreed upon to be the most useful unmagnified optic. Guns like the M249, RPK and HK417 fare well with this sight attachment. Combining it with other attachments like the grip and suppressor, gives you a powerhouse.

In Apocalypse Games

This is a generally useful sight attachment as it excels at medium range with its clever sight recticle. It can be obtained when filled the Weapon Experience bar about 40%. Like the other sights, this doesn't seem to improve a weapon's stats when it CLEARLY improves accuracy.