A helicopter crash

A Helicopter Crash Site is an event that spawns randomly across the map. The event spawns outside of any towns, avoiding all buildings or elevated positions on the map. Its size and the smoke emanating from it make it fairly easy to spot. They are very useful, especially early in the game, due to the loot that spawns around it.


Heli crash

The crash site appears as a beige helicopter partially buried in the ground, with displaced dirt surrounding it. The rotors of the helicopter are bent, and one is nearly broken off. Debris such as the landing gear and several sheets of metal are scattered around the site. Dark grey smoke is rising from the middle of the wreckage, making it easy to spot from a distance.


Helicopter crashes are known for spawning high-tier military gear such as weapons assault rifles, battle rifles, and rare utilities. Since the weapons are newly spawned, ammunition will also come with it, making it useful for all players. Because of this and their visibility they often attract bandits, making it dangerous to stay at one for too long.


  • When you find one it will most likely be looted already. At any point in time there is usually at least one crash site on the map, if you want to get good loot you should aim to find it first.
  • Always look around a crash site before heading towards it. Sometimes groups may be going towards it or they may guard it.
  • It is extremely useful if you are in a group, since at least three military weapons will spawn there.
  • When in a combat situation near a helicrash, try using the debris and rotors as an advantage when it comes to killing each player.


  • Sometimes two of the same weapon will spawn.
  • The helicopter is based on the Mi-24A "Hind" Helicopter used by the Soviet Air Force.
  • There is room inside of it, but nothing spawns inside.
  • Due to the distribution of cities and landmarks, they will likely spawn on the East side of the map.
  • During the Holiday update it was replaced with a red Santa sled.
  • The Helicopter seems more smaller than for a normal player to fit in through the 'cockpit' of the heli, the room is still big but the size of how a player is fit in isn't really at a scale.