Hats are a type of clothing in Apocalypse Rising.

On the spawn screen you have an option to put on a hat. Every hat besides the beanie requires one credit.

Hats can be found almost anywhere on the map. Civilian hats can spawn in any civilian spawn area and military hats can spawn in Military Tents, Military Barricades, Landmarks, etc.

The current hats are listed below.

Military Hats

Urban Ballistic Helmet

Desert Ballistic Helmet

Jungle Ballistic Helmet

Black Pilot Helmet

Soviet Ushanka

Green Pilot Helmet

Special Ops Ballistic Helmet

Red Beret

Trinity Mercenary Beret

Special Ops Mask

Civilian Hats


Rangers Hat


Brimmed Hat

Light Brimmed Hat

Bikers Helmet

Bowler hat

Firefighter Mask


Black Shades

Grey Shades

Pink Horn Rimmed Glasses


Red (Bandit) Bandanna


Mercenary Mask

Phantom Mask

Renegade Bandanna

Hockey Mask

Skull Mask


Green Cowl

Mime Mask


  • Strangely, a hat, sunglasses, and a mask can not all be worn at the same time. This is due to the 2-Hat/Accessory limit.
  • In the current version of Apocalypse Rising, the Mercenary Mask cannot be worn correctly due to the wrong positioning of it on the head. Same with the Fedora.