Hark is one of the 3 major towns in the Kin Re-Imagined map. It has a fire station, a general store and houses. Hark has been known to spawn items of decent quality, though the fire station is the primary location for the military spawn area. The real reason Hark would make a good base is, for one, is because it has a fire station, many barricades, two warehouses and lights that come on at night, while it is stuck up in the Northwest corner of the map, and because most players don't go that far up north, so it could be considered secluded. It is also within a half days journey to either the Abandon Mine or the Mansion, which should not be populated in the long run, but could be part of a daily looting routine. Each of those locations sometimes spawn high-yield military loot, including assault rifles, LMGs and Military Backpacks. Though not seen on the Map, the small hospital referred to above is one of the two military tents on the Eastern side of the city, the one with the red cross on the top indicating a medical tent.

Hark's General Store

Hark's general store usually spawns food, utilities and often times backpacks (Fanny, Hiking, and sometimes Survival) along with civilian weapons. The general store is very useful to a new survivor who has just begun his or her adventure.

Hark's Fire Station

Hark's fire station is one of the few places that spawn military gear. This place has been known to spawn military packs, AK's, utilities, MREs and ammo for multiple guns.

Hark's Military Camp

Hark's military camp consists of 2 military tents that spawn useful items like blood bags, painkillers, food and water, utilities, attachments and very rarely a military gun or pack.

Hark's Transformer Unit

Hark's transformer unit turns on all the lights in Hark, which allows you to see better, but also allows zombies to detect you easily. The Transformer Unit is off by default, and it commonly spawns supplies like weapons, food, and sometimes crowbars.