Gusmanak's House is a small, orange and green, carrot-colored, one story house in the Amend map.


It is a small, orange and green house. Do not think it is an ordinary house. I explored it just wanting to see what the heck it was, and an MK 48 popped out in front of me. Yes, it does spawn military and civilian loot. It is a not well-known place, just north of Strive and hidden by a couple of hills, but bandits can camp there from time to time. If server hopping, watch the spawn screen before you spawn. It is especially dangerous spawning at midnight or near it, when it is most dark. A jeep has a chance of spawning there.


May have been Gusmanak's "secret hideout" before the apocalypse. Remember this. If anything in future maps created turns to be orange and green, assume it has something to do with Gusmanak and look for loot!


Just west of Cheek Pitts. Look north of Strive on the map and look for a zigzag dirt road. It is at the end of the dirt road. It does spawn zombies, but no military ones, like nowhere else in the Amend map. This may change in future updates. Good hideout for bandits. Watch out for people, and traps. Look through the back windows and check your surroundings on the hill. I have once hastily looked for loot and there was an explosive C4 surprise... I was on beating-heart health and logged. I wasn't in combat and quickly joined another server and used a blood bag.


Credit goes to whoever created and made this page! I was inspired by you to re-do and update this page for the greater good of players, now that the Amend map is released. Thanks for planting the seed for this page!

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