Groups are packs of players who band together for the means of survival. Added by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth on version 3.0.0. - 4.0.0., to Allow people to team, without knowing that sometimes, you will be betrayed. On 1/14/2014 Gusmanak added Group Chat.

Groups provide players with the ability to survive together and work together throughout the game. It is a very useful system to players who favor being along with others in Apocalypse Rising. Players will sometimes say in global chat they want a team or say they want to team with another player if they find one.

Groups are very great for people who need a team or don't want to ride solo all the time. Even teaming with a random user could be a very great aid to your virtual life. Groups can also be used not only as a tool but as a weapon as well! Bandits are able to use the system to deceive other players in joining them only to give away their location and kill them for their loot.

The system functions by clicking "Start Group" button on the top of your screen. Once your group is created, inviting people to your group is the next big step in creating an efficient and lethal team. To invite a fellow player to your group, all that is required is to left-click the player's name on the top right list in your screen and have the player's status box pop up. From there, you are to click the "Invite to Group" button. Players who are invited will show their names on the group list on the top of the screen. The list is visible to all and can be close or opened at will. If a player decides to leave for a certain reason, the process takes 10 seconds for the player to officially leave the group. As the process is underway, all members will be notified on the group member list with a "Leaving..." notfication.

Groups has its advantages and disadvantages. Common advantages for groups are present in combat situations such as when a lone bandit is outnumbered by a group 3 to 1. Another advantage from groups are their resourcefulness, providing its fellow members with blood bags, food, and drinks. Groups also can provide well firepower. The better the weapons your teammates have, the better you'll pack the punch on other players. Groups are also perfect for the job on bases. A large group can conquer a huge landmark or city and set up a base and provide well defense. On the other hand, common disadvantages for groups can be betrayal. Current members in groups can have their minds snap into thinking that backstabbing the current group he/she is in can provide him with extra supplies and weapons. Another disadvantage from groups can be vulnerability. Groups tend to be loose and members will commonly wander off into the open to look for supplies that can benefit the rest of the group. Due to this, members are not along each other, making each one completely vulnerable to an attack. If a member is killed during a scavenge, the benefit will not reach the others, affecting them critically. Be careful out there!


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