Grey Rambo Pants are civilian-grade clothing in Apocalypse Rising. It can be purchased on the spawn screen for one credit.


Grey Rambo Pants are a variant of the four types of Rambo Pants, the others being colored Blue, White, and Brown. They are a higher tier than the Civlian clothing, showing that the player wearing this (and maybe a Rambo Shirt) has some experience in the game. Grey Rambo Pants don't have lots of camouflage, but during nighttime, with Grey Rambo Clothing, it makes an enemy player harder to spot you. During daytime, it's average. A oerson with a skilled eye could definetly spot you. But you blend in more during the night. There isn't much of a difference between Grey Rambo and Civilian pants. The most notable and conspicuous difference is that it appears to have boots as footwear, not standard shoes like the civilian pants.

Where to find

Any spawn area.

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