The Governor's mansion is a large 2 story building on the west side of the map. The Governor's mansion was the replacement of Gusmanak's Mansion from reborn. The exterior is the exact same thing other than the colors, as Gusmanak's is orange and green while the governor's is light gray with a stone gray roof. The first floor is also the same but the second floor has about 10 rooms not counting hallways. Gusmanak's only had 6 not counting hallways. Both mansions can spawn any kind of loot and are both often used as bases. They could also, like most structures, be destroyed with a C4.


  • Gusmanak's had WHY ME? Written in blood by P-0 in the mansion.
  • When blown up by a C4, loot can still spawn and fall down.
  • There is a theory which was proven true that all items (except the Patriot) could spawn there.
  • There are fields around the mansion with barns so the Governor had a large plot before the outbreak.
  • The Military blockers, Military item spawns, and Military zombies show that it was either used as a base, or to protect the Governor
  • Chopper crashes can spawn on top of the mansion (Don't ask how I know that)

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