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The Fort Ruins is a unique building collection, placed on a hill near the middle southern edge of the map. It is a tall tower, with a surrounding hexagon of broken walls, and is clearly in a crumbling state. This makes it an unsuitable place to build fortifications.

It has both military and civilian loot spawns in the area around the base of the tower, inside the tower, and on top of the tower.  The area surrounding the Fort Ruins has a number of small villages. Two to the west, a small settlement to the north, and two more to the east of it. To the east is also a large field. The hamlets around the Fort Ruins are mildly dangerous, due to travelling players going to/from the Fort Ruins. Players can spawn near or at here.

It is possible that the Fort was a tourist attraction or an actual Fort during a war.

The Fort commonly spawns provisions, civilian ammo, and some civilian weapons and has a chance of spawning military weapons such as an M14 Rifle, a TEC-9 Handgun, and an M870 Shotgun. Civilian primary weapons that are found here are the Fedorov Avtomat, the SKS Rifle, and the WWII weapons (M3, PPSH, and the rifles)


  • Zombies surround the area and they commonly hide behind the debris in the courtyard.
  • It is best to stay high up. That way if a zombie sneaks up behind you, it can't get you.
  • You'll probably be using a lot of ammo. It's best to bring a few clips.
  • Attempting to jump from the top of the fort will result in death.
  • The Fort Ruins are a hotspot for many players, so make sure you're ready for a fight.
  • If a player is climbing up, point your gun down the stairs and start firing.


  • The Fort Ruins are based off a location in DayZ, Devils Castle. There a wide arrange of loot can spawn, from military to civilian, just as in the Fort Ruins.
  • Any military loot can spawn on the roof.  
  • The Fort is destructible.

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