Flashlights are the main source of portable light and are utilities in Apocalypse Rising. They were first introduced in v5.0.0. There are 3 main flashlights, and a rare-spawning military light source known as an Omni-light, along with a military-grade flashlight attatchment.

Types of Flashlights

There are five different flashlights in the game, although two of them aren't exactly flashlights.

Name Type Note
Old Flashlight Civilian The worst flashlight, spawn item, weak brightness.
Survival Flashlight Civilian The second-best flashlight, medium brightness.
Military Flashlight Military The best flashlight in the game, high brightness.
Omni Light Military Similar to Chemlights, brightness of Military Flashlight.
Flashlight (Attachment) Military Attachment for weapons.


  • It is recommended that The Player uses the Flashlight for only a minimum amount of time (2-7 seconds) to make sure they are not seen and attacked by bandits. Using them indoors may also help you become more unnoticeable when using them.
  • Omni-Lights are the worst if you don't want to attract bandits; military flashlights are better if you want to illuminate something other than yourself.
  • Sometimes when equipping the flashlight it will appear for a fraction of a second where you equipped it last time. This is mostly noticeable when taking out the flashlight multiple times while moving.
  • It is not recommended to use a flashlight due to the new brightness update, making the area MUCH brighter than before, thus making flashlights not so useful.

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