Firepit is a deployable object with the primary purpose to cook Meat, but it can also be used as a quick light source.


A Firepit is the only known way to cook Raw Meat. Cooked Meat is comparable to an MRE, restoring 100% of your Hunger and 30% of your Health. A Firepit is made with Firewood by clicking on it in your inventory and clicking on "Make Firepit." Once deployed, a Firepit can not be moved nor put back into your inventory. Matches are required to light Firepits.


  • Firepits give off a good amount of light, comparable to a Road Flare, which can attract bandits.
  • If you want to kill bandits, Firepits can be used as lures.
  • At night, if a player doesn't need the light provided by Firepits, it is a good idea to cook meat and then immediately run away.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not use Firepits in populated locations like Kin, Hark and Vernal.


  • Deployed Firepits automatically have small rocks surrounding it.
  • If you listen to Firepits closely, you can hear a sizziling and popping sound.
  • Firepits do not burn or damage players in any way.
  • Whether Firepits attract zombies or not is unknown.



A firepit with a bandit standing beside it.

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