Fire Stations are civilian buildings that are found in Apocalypse Rising. They will be re-designed in a future update to add more rooms, floors and a possibility of fire trucks spawning within them. They were changed when the Kin Reborn map came out.


The Fire Station is a medium sized, beige building that is common within urban areas. Its most distinct feature is the tower it erects on its side. The building includes 6 openings on the surface level that are opened by red doors, 3 doors on one side and 3 doors on the other. When one goes inside, they will find stairs leading up the tower in a spiral form. A variety of supplies can spawn in this building, ranging from food , drinks , backpacks , ammunition , and weapons. The Fire Station is also a hot spot for snipers, the tower is known to be a haven for bandits who enjoy to pick off their enemies from a distance. The Fire Station is not recommended to be occupied as a fortification or base, due to its extreme vulnerability to numerous attacks and exposing openings, unless one has all the sufficient supplies for one. However there is only one actual entrance to the roof so all you have to do is put down one building material and voilà! Its defended. But be warned though, as bandits can sneak in and kill.


  • Fire-Trucks often spawn near these buildings
  • People commonly use these buildings as forts.
  • Although it takes a lot of building materials to cover the 3 doors and windows, it is worth the effort.
  • Weapons, Food, and Ammo spawn in it.

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