The Entrencher is a rare utility item that is used to manually move items around. Building materials such as Timber, Bricks, and Stone Slabs can be deployed and then moved around using the Entrencher. For this, it is extremely useful when building and fortifying a base.


The Entrencher is an invaluable tool when building a base, as it can move almost anything around. Loot that hasn't been picked up can be dragged and moved into bases, making things like gun or food stockpiles easy to build. Storage crates can also be moved, making it very easy to transport a large amount of loot. Due to its usefulness, it is a very rare item that mostly spawns at military locations.


  • After the Entrencher update, you can now precisely move building materials around, making it easier to build very large and complicated bases.
  • Ownership of a material is not tracked, meaning anyone who has an entrencher can modify your base.
  • It is an indispensable tool when you are in a large group.