Drinks are items which are required for survival, as most of the water source in-game is contaminated, you must resort to drinking soft drinks. The drinks have labels and names that are of real life companies. Also, if you don't keep a good supply of drinks, you may die.


Drinks can spawn in buildings along with food, weapons, ammunition, utilities and other items. Your thirst bar depletes faster than your hunger bar so carrying extra drinks is highly recommended. It is also recommended that you only drink when your thirst bar goes under 60 percent.

List of Drinks

Drink: Rarity: Type: Real Life:
Pepsi Very Common Civilian Pepsi
Coca-Cola Very Common Civilian Coca-Cola
Mountain Dew Common Civilian Mountain Dew
Sprite Common Civilian Sprite
Orange Crush Common Civilian Crush (Orange)
Lemonade Uncommon Civilian Country Time Lemon-Flavored Drink Mix
Moxie Uncommon Civilian Moxie
Barq's Quite Rare Civilian Famous Olde Tyme Root Beer Barq's
Water Bottle Rare Civilian Aquafina Purified Water Bottle
Dr. Pepper Very Rare Civilian The Unique Dr Pepper


  • Once drank, the drink will completely be chugged and the whole item will be gone. The can has also seemingly been eaten.
  • The reason why players gets thirsty so quickly might be because of hidden panic/stress during the apocalypse. Same goes for food.

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