Double-Barreled Shotgun


3 bodyshots, 2 headshots

Magazine Size 2

12 Gauge

Effective Range




Firing Modes


Reload Time

3 seconds



Gun Rarity


Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations



Barrel: No

Underbarrel: No

Sights: No


The Double Barreled Shotgun (DB Shotgun) is a very powerful break action shotgun in Apocalypse Rising. It sacrifices high magazine size, reload time, and range in order to rival the other shotguns' damage; (it has the highest damage of them, tied for first along with the M870 and M1014.) It is the only gun who's in-game description gives details on how to use it, saying: "use it wisely" (referring to the 2 shell magazine capacity.)


It has dual metal barrels, with a wooden stock and fore-end. Its 2-shell magazine can be easily recognized by the distinct and rather unique green coloring. The gun cannot take any attachments. This shotgun, like all the others is very loud. While not overly common, it is the most commonly found of any of the five shotguns. It kills players in 3 bodyshots or 2 headshots, making one of the the most powerful guns in the game, among with the Remington M870 and the M1014 (all three are 12-gauge).

Attacking groups of players is difficult with this weapon due to its magazine size of 2 shells, so it is advised to have a sidearm with the magazine size of the CZ 75 or higher. The best way to take out groups with this shotgun is to follow them into a city, wait for them to break up (which they will) and then pick them off one by one. This way you aren't facing multiple players at once like you would in an open field or small town.

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