A picture of the Doge.

"Doge" was a dog in Apocalypse Rising that spawned randomly around the map. It was based around the recent "doge" meme, and was seen by many players. Gusmanak temporarily changed the game's name to "Apocalypse Dogeing" and he put a picture of the Doge meme, along with other games such as: Doge Ball (Dodgeball), Doge Escape (Flood Escape), and Doge Fights on the Heights (Sword Fights on the Heights).


It spawned randomly around the map during the time when the meme itself was very popular. However, it is confirmed that it had no other properties, and was just made for a laugh by Gusmanak.


  • The Doge tended to spawn around the Radio Tower.
  • The Doge was removed on November 1st, 2013.

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