Dirk is a medium-size town on the West Side of the Map, close to Trinity HQ, Kin, and Pitts Park. It has a small Clinic, a Fire Station, and a Small Military Camp towards the entrance of the town. Dirk is one of the best towns to find good loot and is easy to make bases. You should watch out for the people who spawn around here. And there are 3 bad things about Dirk. 1st it has a nearby hill so people can watch the town of Dirk, 2nd military items can spawn in the firehouse and in the military tents making some bandits visit this place occasionally and 3rd it is stuck in the very west side of the map making it somewhat popular for freshspawns since there's a moderate chance of them spawning here, so it might be hard to make a base and defend without a partner or a group.

Dirk is one of the 5 smallest towns in the map, and would be much preferred said as the brother of Korri.

Dirk's Clinic

Dirk's Clinic is probably the best thing about Dirk. It is a reliable source of Bloodbags, Painkillers, Food, and Drinks, as is any clinic. It is recommended that you loot it if you happen upon the town.

Dirk's Fire Station

Dirk's Fire Station is near the center of the town, and is often based in. It can spawn some military grade guns, ammo, food, attachments, and drinks.

Dirk's Military Camp

There are 2 Military Tents near the entrance of Dirk. They are located right next to the Gas Station. It spawns Bloodbags, Military Loot, Food and Drinks.  Attachments can also be found here.  If you are lucky, someone may have not have looted the tents, and you can get stuff from Lemonade to an HK-417.

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