Desert Camo is a set of clothing that you can acquire in Apocalypse Rising, It can be bought from the spawn menu for 2 credits. When it is found it is found as a green clothing item.


It's one of the rarest clothing items in the game and can be found in Military spawns. This is not recommended due to its color, as you stick out in green fields. This clothing item is only good at camouflaging in the hay feilds or barns. When not worn, this item is green instead of the tan civilian clothing item. Though considered not very useful, it shows high experience to whoever wears it in Apocalypse Rising.


  • It goes well with the Mk-17 in terms of looks.
  • No other object or clothing item in the game has a color close to this uniform's color.
  • It is unknown why there would be any Desert Camo brought by the military when they were still going, considering the location.

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