Death is a term in Apocalypse Rising when you are killed by someone or something.


If you happen to die, by a zombie or player or any other cause, you will lose all your items and spawn with a Makarov with 2 mags and pepsi and canned beans, unless you have the enhanced spawn gamepass which was disabled in the new update and replaced with enhanced spawn options.

When you are about to die, a heartbeat noise is heard, and a black haze fills the edges of your screen. People often die by common stupidy, bandits or players, try to be careful to avoid your death. (NOTE: with the Vitality Perk, you can regain lost health over a period of time although it is not recommended, instead you could eat as many food as you could find).

When you die, you will leave a body that contains all your previous items. Before, they dropped around the body, but a recent update changed it to be more like a crate. All bodies, regardless of death, face north. (there was no body or corpse page to put in that trivia)

Possible Death Actions

  • Killed by a player.
  • Unable to survive Patient Zero.
  • Mauled by a zombie or mulitple zombies.
  • Falling from a high location Ex: Fort Ruins, Radio Tower.
  • Starvation.
  • Dehydration.
  • Explosion (C4,AP/AT Mine,vehicle )hitting a house or some kind of solid object.
  • Reseting Character.
  • Ran over by a vehicle.
  • Combat logging 3 times.

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