The Cow is an animal in Apocalypse Rising. They are relatively common, and spawn in fields. They do not move, make noises, or react to anything, and always keeps its head down, appearing to be eating grass. When a cow is shot or hit with a melee weapon, it will drop raw meat. Raw meat can be cooked over a lit firepit to produce cooked meat. Meat can be cooked by making a firepit with firewood, lighting it with matches, and clicking the fire while "interact" is selected. Cooked meat is one of the most nourishing foods in the game, tied with the MRE.


  • Zombies do not attack cows.
  • Cows can come in multiple different colors.
  • Calfs (Baby cows) can be found, but they drop less meat than a full size cow.
  • Cows are currently the only animal in the game. There was another animal in the game (The Doge), but it was later removed.
  • Cows can drop 2-5 meat at a time and is one of the two uses for a fire pit.
  • There were once Sheep, but they were removed.


  • Cows cannot be killed by vehicles, zombies, or explosives.
  • Calfs occasionally drop more meat than an adult cow.
  • Cows rarely spawn inside a tree.

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