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The Chat is a feature used to talk to other players in the game. There are two modes: Global mode, which lets you communicate with the entire server, and Group mode, which allows you to communicate with your group.


Global Chat

Global Chat allows the entire server to see what you've typed, and for you to see what other players are sending to the server. By default, you will be set to Global mode when entering the game. Due to how open it is, do not use it for personal messages; use Group mode instead.

Group Chat

See Also: Groups

Group Chat allows you to speak directly to players in your group. You can invite anyone from the server into your group, unless they are already in a group or they have not spawned yet. This is highly recommended if you want to tell someone private information that could otherwise get you or your team injured or killed.


  • January 13, 2014: Group Chat added.
  • Unknown: Chat GUI added.

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