The Car Dealership is a small establishment in the Kin Reborn map, in the central-western area of the map, between Kin and Hark.


The Car Dealership has five buildings- a car repair station, a small storage building, the main and massive dealer building, the largest in the whole establishment, a 2-floor storage building, and a gas station. Due to its high rate of visitors looking for cars, players visit often looking to see if a car is there. Which means bandits do sometimes camp there but people basing there is uncommon. Especially in the dealer building, due to its massive windows.


The Dealer is often being guarded by zombies and occasionally players, making it very dangerous during nighttime, where it is hard to see them until they start eating you alive or gunning you down. Bring a couple painkillers and blood bags if you plan to go at night or day, if any players are there and just in case if a zombie sneaks up behind you. It is also close to the edge of the map, making it an ideal destination for fresh spawns. Due to its vehicle part spawn, sometimes people in cars come here for a pit stop, and to drive-by kill people as well. Always be aware of your surroundings, and watch your back!

Items obtainable

Car parts and building materials, industrial parts

Civilian guns can be found anywhere, and military guns can be found. All industrial buildings have a small chance to spawn a military weapon.

Vehicles can spawn at the gas station or on top of the dealership (it is possible that they are supposed to spawn inside the big room but are outside on the roof instead)


The cars in the Dealer can spawn on the roof of the Dealership building. Vans have been known to have spawned there, and possibly other cars.

The Car Dealership was added along with the Reborn map, making it unique to the AR Universe.

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