Close Quarters Combat, also known as "CQC", is often the most common and deadliest type of combat in Apocalypse Rising.

The maximum confines of a CQC fight are within an area the size of a house. Any bigger than that, and it is often considered your average firefight. In CQC, you need to be quick and pack heavy firepower. Melee weapons are not advised it CQC unless you are left with no other choice. I.E.: you have no ammo left for either gun. When in CQC, your surroundings mean as much as in any other gunfight, except they wouldn't just mean some extra cover. When in a normal gunfight, you can aim and fire at will and maybe go behind a tree for cover, but in CQC, that can be the end of you. Say that you are near a hay bale in a field when fighting. This will probably be used as quick cover in the fight before you jump over and shoot, or your adversary comes out and shoots. A hay bale (or a rock) will lead to a few scenarios like that. Scenario 1: Your opponent goes behind the hay bale/ rock. You go around and meet him/her and start to shoot. He/she jumps and shoots at your head. you die because you didn't anticipate the jump. Scenario 2: Your enemy is behind the hay bale/rock. You jump over and shoot at their head a few times. They die/get severely wounded and die. Scenario 3: Your opponent is out in an open field and starts bunny hopping. You miss a few times and then start aiming at where he jumps. He takes damage and stops jumping, where you finish him off. I can give more scenarios, but it would just drag on. The point is that CQC takes skill, quick thinking, and use of the environment. NOTE: The scenarios were purposely left without a specific weapon just to show the way battles will go. The outcomes of fights can and usually will depend on the weapon in question.


These weapons are the recommended weapons for CQC. They are chosen based on damage, and not ROF (Rate Of Fire), although it can play am important role. The reccomended combinations are listed below.

Heavy Hitter

M1014 - advised for high ROF and damage. Nice magazine size and medium rarity for ammo. Highest damage of any weapon in the game; 2 Headshot and 3 Torso KO (Knock-Out).

UZI /TEC-9 /CBJ-MS - advised for extremely high ROF and magazine size. Ammo is a medium-rare on the rarity scale. 6 Headshot and 8 Bodyshot KO.

Hatchet - advised for high damage. ROS(Rate Of Swing) is moderate, so is not advised unless you are out of options.


MP5 - advised for high ROF and large magazine size. Ammo is uncommon but below a medium on the rarity scale. 6 Headshot and 8 Bodyshot KO.

USP45 /MK23/G37 - advised for medium ROF and high damage. Ammo is uncommon but below a medium on the rarity scale. 5 Headshot and 6 Bodyshot KO.

Sabre - advised for high ROF. Has same damage than the Hatchet, but has a faster ROS.


M4A1 - advised for high ROF and Damage. Ammo is common; 5 Headshot/6 Bodyshot KO. Long range is also good for taking out targets from a safe distance.

G18  - advised for extremely fast ROF. Ammo is uncommon, with a medium range for firefights and high damage, it is debated whether the CBJ-MS or this is the best secondary, this is my personnel favorite.

CQC Masterpeice

PPSH -advised for damage and highest ROF in the game. Ammo is common. Beast in CQC. 

G18 -advised for ROF and ammo commonality.

Sabre -advised for fast ROF and high damage.

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