The CBJ-MS is a PDW/submachine gun found in Apocalypse Rising.


The CBJ-MS was designed in the early 2000's in Sweden by Bertil Johannson. The PDW has no variants and only 2000 CBJ-MS's have been produced. Widely used within military police forces.


The CBJ-MS operates on a blowback mechanism broadly based on the Israeli Uzi submachine gun. The barrel of the CBJ-MS is rifled, meaning it can be easily removed for maintenance and replacement. The weapon uses 9x19 mm Luger/ Parabellum rounds stored in 20 round magazines, including 32 round box magazines, which too are compatible with the TEC-9 Handgun and Uzi submachine gun. The firearm has a small recoil level, including muzzle climb. Effective range of the weapon can be used to pick off targets at long distances and maximum effective range is 400 m. Barrel length is 200 mm, giving the user a comfortable position to handle. Attachments on the weapon are limited, meaning only optical sights and barrel attachments are the only available for use, all excluding under barrel modifications. The weapon is uncommon, including its ammunition. Normally found near military tents and helicopter crash sites.

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