C4 D
The C4 detonator is an extremely rare military item that takes up one utility slot, and one bag slot when not equipped. The C4 detonator is absolutely useless unless the player has C4 Explosives (which also take up one bag slot and can be placed by the player). With the ability to take down huge structures like Gusmanak's Mansion and the Fort Ruins, having the C4 Detonator as a tool can be incredibly useful. This item works by clicking on the detonator and then clicking the "Detonate" option, which explodes every C4 Explosive that the player had previously placed.


  • Though the C4 Detonator is very similar to real life C4 Detonators, it does not have the handle used to detonate on its model.
  • Even though it's one of the smallest utilties in the game, it takes up an entire utility slot.

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