If you want someone eliminated (On Apocalypse Rising) please put up your request here.

Requester Guidelines

If you are requesting you must specify the following:

  • Who you want dead (in Apocalypse Rising) : Name the username of the person you want to be killed in-game. (Hyper link to profile would be useful).
  • Requested by: Your username goes here.
  • Reward: What reward you are giving out (can be the target's loot).
  • Other: Add any extra information about the player/the request you would like the bounty hunter to know.
  • Leave space: Once you have requested, at the end of your request draw a line using _ (so bounty hunters are less confused).

Bounty Hunter Guidelines

  • Post a picture : Once you have fulfilled a request, take a screenshot of the target's corpse to have evidence that a request has been done.
  • Don't harass : Don't harass or flood a target to join Apocalypse Rising in order to eliminate them.

Request Board

  • Target: destinybluerage1
  • Requested by: Anon4Chin
  • Reward: Target's loot
  • Other: Target has a Patriot and is a known close combat strategist, fight at long distances if possible.


  • Suspect/Victim: AssaultDragon55 (Search up on people.)
  • Ordered by : WizardLord160 and 7 other marauders.
  • Bounty: Target's loot, Gusmanak Armor, corpse, 8 MREs, 5 water bottles, 2 tractors, 1 AK47, 7 AK47 mags, 3 health packs, 4 painkillers, 1 military flashlight, 1 military backpack, secondary of your choice and 6 mags for it, and if his teammates are executed too : ZolerKeth Armor, watch, 1 map, teammate's loot, and 1 wish. Including a chance to see Patient Zero and a chance to kill him.
    • Risk: Highly dangerous with 24 confirmed kills and 9 attempted kills. Armed with a squad composed of 5 other infamous bandits. AssautDragon is armed with a military grade battle rifle and his conspirators are armed with various automatic weapons. They like to surround their target and eliminate them in a spray of bullets. They also have 3 trucks and all members have C4s and melee weapons. All members excel in every combat mode. Unknown strategies on how to kill him. All bounty hunters who have tempted have been slaughter. The most successful attempted assassination was led by LiberatorEvan with a squad of 3 others. This resulted in all of them dead with Assault only losing 1-2 of his members. Video footage was stolen and erased. The most dangerous bandit on Apocalyspe Rising.
    • Look: A bandit mask with black hair. Has green vest, shirt, and pants. Has military backpack equipped. No other info has been obtained as spies are spotted and shot.
    • Suggestions : I recommend from past experiences to get a group of 10+ people, 6 armed with automatic rifles, painkillers, blood packs, melee weapons, flashlights, get cars too, etc. 2 others will be snipers and the other 2 will guard the snipers. The six people will take on AssaultDragon's minions. The snipers aim for AssualtDragon. He is also known for jumping, snipe him while he is in the trucks.
    • My Rules : Take a video from encounter to end of the fight. Also take a mug shot of every one of his teammates. Then PM with a link to the photos, the video, and clnfirming that you have done the deed. Next, join my server at 11:25 PM WST. The servers are usually empty at that time so I can pay you without interruptions. Come by yourself only. If you attempt to kill me while I am giving you the loot, you will be executed and will not receive the loot. Meet at Kin 12:00 in-game at night.

Target: ZaneWuzHere

Ordered by: ZaneWuzHere

Bounty: G36K, G18, Mil Backpack, MREs, Water

I am a dangerous target, with both a long-range and close-range weapon, must be ambushed.


    • Target: TheRealSlimCerdo
    • Ordered by Exellerated
    • Bounty: Loot of- Ak-47, Millitary backpack
    • Risk:He is easy to target from afar, but deadly up close.


  • atomicsatr05
  • what ever he has on him
  • risk he has 50 kills and the most blood thirsty bandit.
  • Strat get up close and rain shot gun on him (shotgunRain)

Below is completed with sucession by WizardLord160 and 7 other marauders.

Target: SkyHero100

Ordered by: sabertoothpand, JeFferman9,and at least 50 others most likely.

Bounty: just tell me you killed him, you can take his stuff.

notes: highly skilled, back stabbed, has at least 5 buddies.

Target: MrStud231

Requested by: Joneev1

Bounty: A favor from me on Apoc and target's loot

Reason: Racist-ass bastard that was insulting Mexicans and Asians.

Target: GetPinked (referred to as ReedHopper1 at times)

Requested by: you know who (Hunter, you know who you are. I PMed you.)

Bounty: Nothing or at your request, a gun I have in store.

Reason: Prick tried to kill me for no absolute reason (logged since that was pretty low to try and stab me in the back), and his buddy killed me once by backstabbing me (occurred before his attempt)

A picture as proof will do.

  • Target: Duegann and his so-called "Banana Squad" (10 people)
  • Requested by: Duegann
  • Reward: Them 11 people's loot
  • Other: We normally play on Amend or Reborn, and always in a 5+ team, good luck! (not)

Happy Hunting.

Target eliminated by dalek72 and with 2 other marauders


Requested by: psychodogsominecraft

Reward: Targets loot

Reason: Stolen Items

Target: Zeynov and his gang

Requested by: Dansytan13, DarkEpics

Reward: Epic loot

Reason: Offence and cause of hacking.

Location: Amend

Target: b2856

requested by dalek72 (TheMafiaPlays)

reward: you know what he has

reason: betraying to steal my loot

location: just search up his name


Bounty Hunters

WizardLord160 🔪 (Search me up on people.) I can be hired on normal and hardcore. I only do it for free when I feel like executing someone. Otherwise I need a big reward; also note, when you hire me (PM me) include the amount of marauders you need. Max is 7. The more marauders = bigger cost. If you do not have enough to pay the funds you will be prosecuted. I have the right to refuse service to anyone.

dalek72 (search me up on people.) I can only be hired on normal only. I only do it if on weekends. I work with 3 extra marauders along with my friends. my reward doesn't have to be big all. Also don't always expect me to find my target very easily, if my target isn't on a server I will eliminate someone else on the list. when you give me the loot we will point our weapons at you if it is a trap, we will not kill you unless you try to kill us. You can join me on bounty hunting on Saturday at 4:00 PM ill invite you to our group and share the loot. if you cannot join us on follow that might be because there is too many players trying to join us. Target for Friday is TheRealSlimDredo join me on bounty hunting! :D



GTakeda (TakedaShingen)

uWotApocalypseRising (REBORN ONLY) ☀





cphater177 (Reborn only) ☀ PM me on wiki or friend me on Roblox then Pm me. I only bounty hunt PMs.

MizterFresh (zanecwatkins is my Roblox name)[1] PM on Roblox or on the wiki if you want my help. I only play on normal, so no hardcore. I don't ask for much as a reward, but I want something decent.

Sabertoothpanda (MasterSabertoothpanda) Making a squad of bounty hunters, will do tasks. PM me if you want me to hunt someone down, or join my hunter squad.

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