An excessive amount of blood bags

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Blood Bag

The Blood Bag is a consumable in Apocalypse Rising. If applied, after ten seconds, it will restore a player's health bar completely.


A blood bag restores a players health bar to 100% regardless of how badly damaged he/she was before. It will regenerate 10 health per second once applied. Blood bags spawn in hospitals and Medical Military tents. It is smart to carry around at least two blood bags in case there's an emergency. Bandits will mostly likely drop these when killed. 

A blood bag 


  • If you happen to stumble upon a Hospital , Clinic , or some other place that could have blood bags, collect enough of these to last you at least two days.
  • Make sure you are in a safe spot when healing. If you take any damage, the blood bag will stop healing and become useless from that point.        
  • In most cases blood bags are vital especially in high powered battles... 2-4 May not become enough for encountering a squad/group battle, try take at least a good amount of blood bags, try to conserve them if possible... if you waste a blood bag... you waste your life.        
  • Even though they are common, they are sometimes used as a valuable trading item.                                                
  • It is recommended to take cover when using these in a firefight, because if you are shot it will stop healing.                                                
  • You can choose the vitality perk , which will regenerate your health over time, but you should use a blood bag if your health is very low.                                                


  • All blood bags contain blood type B.
  • In the earlier versions of Apocalypse Rising blood bags would automatically heal you. But, since version 5.00, it takes time to heal when used.