Binoculars are utility items commonly found throughout the game. They can be found as civilian or military loot, allowing a player see long distances.


Binoculars are counted as military and civilian loot, and can therefore spawn in both military and civilian loot locations. The main purpose of binoculars is to help the player see further.

Although loot and landmarks can be spotted easier with binoculars, the most common thing is to try and spot other players in the vicinity with them. This is mainly due to the fact that when using binoculars, the range you can identify players at is greatly increased. This can be helpful when you want to know who it is running towards you, looting a town, preparing to enter a busy area, etc. This is a great scouting tool, if you are in a group, you can check for players on your team. It is great for observing places such as Kin. Kin is a big looting spot, bandits will likely be in the town. Get on a mountain, and check for signs of players, such as corpses, missing zombies, no loot in the roads etc.


  • When binoculars are equipped, you cannot move.
  • You must be in first-person view to use them. If you are not, you will be met with a message telling you to zoom in.
  • Your mouse will become sensitive when using the binoculars, making it hard to get your mouse in the right position.
  • Binoculars are redundant if you have a Susat or ACOG scope, since all three have the same magnification. If you need to free up utility slots, and you already have a magnifiying scope (not CCO, Kobra, or holographic), it is recomended you drop your binoculars. However people might feel more threatend by a sniper rifle than a pair of binoculars so this is only a recommendation.
  • Binoculars are the only way to identify a player from a further range (but not when the player is in fog).



  • After platform updates, the binoculars are prone to bugs (mainly, arms de-welding)
  • You can still move if you are crouching while using the binoculars