The Bicycle is a two-wheeled civilian vehicle. They are the most common vehicle in Apocalypse Rising, as well as the slowest vehicle, only to be faster than sprinting.

A bicycle only needs a hull to run at full speed, because of this, they are well known for their low-maintenance cost.

Bicycles are recommended for solo survival and for traveling around the map a lot. If you don't travel a lot or if you're not alone, then it is recommended you don't use this.

Bicycles are extremely risky. There is zero protection provided by the bicycle, meaning anyone can kill you easily.

They are also not that fast, but on roads while holding e they can go extremely fast.

Despite all of it's disadvantages, you can still kill a zombie with one.

They were removed due to a bug as of the Crate Update, however, Gusmanak has added the bicycle back again since the new vehicle update.