The Beretta M9 is a military secondary weapon. The Beretta M9 operates on a short recoil mechanism and fires 9x19mm Parabellum rounds stored in 17 round magazines (are actually held in 15 round magazines), including 32 round extended magazines. The weapon is rare, along with its ammunition and can be found in military tents or outposts. Attachments on the sidearm are slightly limited, not allowing the pistol's sights to be modified, only the barrel and under barrel. Recoil levels are low, giving the user a great sense of control over the weapon while firing and accuracy. The sidearm is also quiet, giving a good stealth account when operating in urban areas. Barrel length measures 4.9 inches and maximum muzzle velocity reaches 381 m/s. Overall, the handgun provides great performance and it assures the user with great defense if used correctly.