Being chased is a regular thing in Apocalypse Rising. It has happened to almost everyone who has played Apocalypse Rising.


Being chased is when you spot someone, and they see you, then they sprint towards you with their gun out, and they will try and kill you. A lot of things can get in your way, such as Zombies. They will usually kill you, if they have an Assault Rifle with a Scope or something similar to that. The Zombies will reveal your location, if they follow you.


Being chased by zombies is by attracting zombies by shooting them, firing a loud gun and simply being in their detection radius. Being chased by zombies usually ends with the players killing the attacking zombies, but on the instance of the player does not have ammo left,it can be frustrating as the zombies will eventually catch up if you do not sprint, and deal damage. One recommendation is to enter a building and jump out of the window.

Sometimes, Being chased by zombies is very dangerous, ex: Hoardes of zombies in Kin and can lead to a long line of zombies pursuing the player, also known as 'zombie trains' large hoardes can easily overpower singular survivors with endgame equipment, or even small teams. One way to avoid attracting a zombie hoard is to ensure that you do not get detected by them (e.g. Only using flashlight when necessary) especially in major towns like Kin.

On preventing Zombie trains

  • Use a silenced gun
  • Use melee weapons
  • Run into ladder or a building, dispose zombies from roof
  • In Kin (Or any other city, hill, tower etc.) go to a vantage point, and engage zombies from a distance (Semi-auto mode for ammo conservation). Civilian rifles are actually great for this, including Lee enfield, Mosin nagant, SKS, or any long range rifle. Military rifles are not recomended because the ammo is rare.
  • Crouch as much as possible by zombies


Getting chased by a player is a bad thing. Most of the time, these players are bandits wanting to get your loot. Rarely it's a player wanting to join your team. If you do however, get chased by someone wanting to kill you, you will be given two options, you can fight back, or run away, or both. If the player chasing you has a better gun, it is advised you run away. If it is vice versa, then you can fight back. Know the range of your gun, if you have a shotgun, take cover and wait to engage. If your getting chased by a team, just run, you can't do anything else unless the team is holding makarovs or some other weapon like that. It is advised that you DO NOT run and jump at the same time, as this does decrease your stamina, effectively causing your ROBLOXian's death. Instead of jumping, run in a zig-zag formation, this will make it harder for you to get shot and killed. Try running towards a town to hide in a building. There is a possibility that the other player will cancel their chase, but keep them in mind when you travel.

On preventing being chased for too long

  • Leave a land mine and some loot on top of it.
  • Climb a tower and wait to engage (Better yet place a mine on the truss.)
  • Conspicously enter a building, lay down C4, and detonate (This does count as an aggresive kill).
  • IF AND ONLY IF YOU'RE NOT SHOT combat log. The game won't detect you.
  • Try to meetup with your team member, or even threaten to bring over team members when you are not even in a group.
  • Lead the chaser into zombies
  • If you're a good typist, put a bounty on global chat
  • Give an offering such as blood bags, painkillers, food, mags or anything else you most likely will not use.


Unless you're being chased by a guy on a bicycle, you're kind of screwed if you're on foot. The important is don't run away, especially when you are out in the open. The best thing to do is to engage with the vehicle using explosives and firearms.

  • Use a anti-vehicle mine, place it strategically, where it is hard to see (Paved road), or where you want to stop. Even if the vehicle doesn't go over it, and players come out, shooting the mine will cause it to injure nearby players (Please add video demonstrating this, hack if you need to)
  • Use C4 in a similar matter, putting it on grass for camouflouge.
  • Shoot for the wheels, all it takes is one blown up wheel. Depending on whether the tire is reinforced or not, this can mean 1 or 4 shots
  • Shoot for the glass, unexposed it is easy for the driver and passengers to get shot. Depending on whr the windscreen is ballistic or not, this can mean 1 or 4 shots.
  • Shoot engine, this will cause it to blow up
  • Uses rocks and trees to advantage (If trying to be runned over)