DISCLAIMER: This page is still under construction! It will take a while to finish!


This page is dedicated to identifying, building, and improving bases. It is also meant as an in-depth guide to help new or experience players make better bases in the wasteland of Apocalypse Rising.

Types of Bases

Defended Buildings


This base is a simple nomadic camp. Usually only 1 to 2 people in or around it, these bases don't have any of the luxuries that a better defended base has. Usually has only a campfire, it will occasionally have an empty container next to it.

Level 1 Defended Building

This base is the first type of defensive fort, and requires an entrencher to make efficiently. A defended building is a building permanently on the map fortified with building materials, usually with boarded up doors and windows, but doesn't take much supplies. Can have 1-4 people guarding it.

Level 2 Defended Building

This is a more defended fort, and is a better version of the Level 1. This base usually has more people, and is better defended but will most likely have better loot, and 1 or 2 cars. It requires a bit more supplies, and are usually made by players who have been on for a few hours.

Level 3 Defended Building

This is the final and most defended base in the defended building series. It will have more than 4 people guarding it, a lot of loot, a few cars, and typically is controlled by large bandit groups. These bases are rare, and you will most likely never see one. However, if you encounter one, just walk away. there is no point in attacking this base. You will die, and those you kill will only temporarily be out of the game.


A highly defended group of buildings, with some good loot spread throughout. Because compounds have multiple buildings and are highly defended, it is one of the hardest bases to raid. Compounds do not have to, but sometimes, also have a wall, with a main gate. An example of a compound is a base at the prison.


Garages are a secondary base for highly geared players who want a safe place to store their car, or simply have more cars than they can drive. These bases are usually lightly defended, and it will be quite easy to steal a car. These bases usually are in buildings with garage doors like the farmhouses.

"Entrencherless" Base

This base is created by deploying building materials in front of all openings of a building. It doesn't require an entrencher. Another name for it is the "Noob" Base.


This base is made when players are on or planning to be on for a long time. It is a secondary base, usually used as a base camp when looting. These bases are lightly defended, and is only a Level 1 Defended Building. An example of an outpost is the aforementioned garage.

Trading Post

Trading posts are rare bases. There will be a merchant inside who is willing to barter supplies for other supplies. It is heavily defended, and will have at least 2 guards guarding it at once. Never attack one of these bases. It will only result in death for you.

Standalone Bases


This camp is normally used for cooking meat, or as a rendezvous point when looting a small town or city. These aren't made inside of buildings, and are temporary. I would not advise to use this as a permanent base.


These bases are made of stone blocks or stone walls, and look like a regular silo. These bases are hidden, and the only way to identify one is that there is no ladder to get to the top.

Building Materials

Stone Walls

These are a staple when building. These can easily board up doors and windows with only one stone wall, or just make a wall. Each stone wall (Item) can spawn 4 stone walls.

Stone Blocks

At first, it may not seem obvious why you would use these. However, These can efficiently block a thin staircase, using 3 to 4 of these stone blocks. Each stone block (Item) can spawn 4 stone blocks.


These are the shape of timber, but is only 4 studs long. These are versatile and easy to use, but is bright pink, and makes your base easy to see. However, you can use these as roadblocks and railings.


Timber can be used as pillars, or to make short, long walls. It is the size of 2 stone walls stacked on each other. When building walls, you can use it as a pillar on the corner.

Wooden Planks

Planks are The second most versatile building material in the game, with the first being wooden slabs. Wooden planks is best for making railings, cover, and most notably, boarding up doors and windows.

Wooden Slabs

Slabs are the most versatile building materials. They can be used to board windows and doors, make cover, walls, and railings.


These aren't so much of a building material as they are an accessory, but they emit a powerful light in the direction the are aimed. To turn one, you need to press "t" instead of "r".


These are used offer storage, and can be moved with an entrencher. There are currently 2 types of crates, on being a small wooden crate, and the other being a large crate.

Base Locations

Bump Flatts

Possibly one of the best locations to base at when wanting to hide from players, or as a bandit hideout. It is located so far off the edge of the map that players will almost never go there. It is also near Hark and the Governor's Mansion, making easy to attack players, but still keep a secure location.

Governor's Mansion (In Kin Reborn, It is the Governor's Mansion)

It is not a good idea to base here. While there is some good loot spawns, there are military zombies, as well as the threat of players. A huge amount of windows and the ability to see it from far away makes it hard to defend. Despite this, there have been numerous unsuccessful bases here.


One of the most loot efficient bases to pick, Dirk has a balance of PvP and loot. It is near Trinity, Car Dealership, and Kin, which makes it great for scavenging runs. However, there will be a few people who will try to raid your base. It is best to have someone guarding the base at all times.

Trinity HQ

This is a good base for bandits. While a lot of players loot here, most are freshspawns, as there is a spawn near it. In the Kin Reborn map, it does not have walls. However, the buildings that have black windows are bullet resistant making it easily defendable, despite the military zombies there.


Hark is a good base because it has a wide range of view, and is somewhat secluded. It has a few gun spawns, as well as a clinic, making this great for protection or bandit bases. However, there will be a fair amount of geared and freshspawn players, so have 1 or 2 players on guard.

Pitts Park

This is a good place to base for bandits. It is in a major roadway connecting Kin to Olke. It's many single level buildings also allows some good cover, as well as easy fortifications. There are some civilian gun spawns, as well as industrial loot spawns, making it optimal for newer players or bandits.


This is only for hardcore bandits or suicidal players. Only do a base here if you are extremely geared. Zombies here are stronger, and have a larger detection range. Not only that, there is the constant threat of players. However, inside of Union Square, there is a lot of nice military loot.


Yale is NOT a university. Yale has a nice balance of loot and PvP, so I would recommend this base for a casual player. There are mostly normal zombies, along with some military and industrial loot, making this one of my favorite places to base at.


Olke is a good place to base with enough bandit players. The mountain to the side of Olke can be used as a lookout and sniper area. It is on a major intersection, with the tunnel to the south, Military Outpost to the east, and Hark to the west. There are also some good loot spawns there.


The cemetery is mostly secluded, and only a few freshspawns will invade here. This is good for those who want peace, or for a bandit hideout. Since the cemetery is in the middle of everything, but not on any main roads, it would be hard to find. It's small buildings and headstones make it great for combat.

Fort Ruins

The fort ruins is for bandits only. However, because it is a fort, it can be guarded with little to no building materials at all. It also has some weapons spawn, and a great lookout point because of it's giant tower and position on the top of a hill. However, it is a beacon for other players.

Old Mine (Mines)

Old Mine is so far north, there is almost never any players that go here. Combined that with only one way in one way out is a very easily defendable base for peaceful players. However, there is no medical spawns, but it does have industrial and military gun spawns.

Power Plant

This is a great bandit base. It has a few surrounding buildings, as well as some industrial loot spawns. However, the lack of medical and gun spawns, along with the thick surrounding forests makes it extremely easy to get attacked or ambushed.


This is a great place to base in. It has a giant gate which makes it easy to transport cars in and out. It only needs little to no building materials, and it is pretty easy to defend on it's own. There are no holes in the walls, and there is a secondary security gate which can be used as a fall back position.

Radio Station (Radio Tower)

This is a good bandit base. Many players from freshspawn to geared come here. There is only one way from the bottom floor to the second floor, meaning that it is easily defendable. Combine this with the fact that there is a great visibility around to spot incoming players makes it a great base.


Korri is a good base for both peaceful and bandit players. There isn't a lot of loot, so most players just pass by, however, if you stay there, there can be some good guns or even a military vehicle. There is also a clinic making it good for aggressive players.

Military Outpost (Removed in Kin Reborn)

The military outpost has a few military and industrial spawns. I wouldn't recommend building a base here because of zombies, players, and lack of loot. To completely fortify the outpost would take a lot of time and resources.

Windy Peaks Campground

This is a good place to base for newer players. There is a few weapon spawns, along with some medical and drink spawns. However, I would just stick to looting here, as it is a freshspawn spawn area.


Vernal is not a good place except for bandit bases. It is between the Military Outpost, Military Airfield, and Mason. There are a lot of 2 story buildings which can make for some bad combat, and it is nestled in a valley giving any aggressors an overlook of your entire base.


Mason is has a good balance of combat and loot. there is a car, medical, industrial, gun, and a miscellaneous spawn as well. Most players who come here will just pass by, and almost no geared player will attack here.


The factory has some military loot spawns, but mostly industrial loot spawns. It could be very easy to build and maintain a base here depending on your group. However, there will be some players who will come here, so always be on the lookout.


The bunker is located on Kin's hill making it an ideal idea for a sniping base. It also is a good spot for defense because it is on top of a hill and has only one opening. Mostly civilian loot spawns here, but medial supplies also spawns here as well. However due to the new town of Flint in the Reborn map you will find any one from new spawns to geared players. Use caution when making a base here.







Base Building Techniques

Hopefully, you've picked out what type of base you want to make, what you will need, and where. So, for the next section, we will be going over the art of building.


There are 3 ways to board up windows. There are a few pros, and cons, so I will make a list for each.

Board Up Pros Cons Pictures
Full Board up -No way in

-No way to fire in

-No way to see out

-No way to fire out

Horizontal Firing Port -You can see out

-You can't enter

-You can fire out

-Wide range of view

-You can see in

-You can fire in

-Not too much c

Vertical Firing Port -You can see out

-You can fire out

-A lot of cover

-You have good vertical view

-You can fire in

-You may be able to enter

-Not wide view


A combination of each type of board up will work best. Completely boarding up lower windows to prevent firing and seeing in. Do vertical firing ports for mid level windows to allow a lot of cover, and horizontal firing ports on the upper levels to allow a good vantage point and the ability to see whats going on around you.


Unlike windows, doors welcome people. You can add firing ports, however I would mainly just cover them completely. Boarding a up a single door fully takes only 2 planks. Double doors take 4, and garage doors take around 12! The same rules from windows apply, so choose what kind of board up you use appropriately.


At first bridges may seem impractical and expensive. However, sky bases, elevated bases, and even just going from the second floor of one building to the next will be made easier. So why would you want bridges in your base? Well, small bases obviously don't need this. However, a large structure like the prison or military outpost could use these, as well as a fortified village. Using bridges makes travelling between buildings safer and easier, and bridges can be as big or small, as expensive or cheap, as you desire.

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